1/0380 Enironmentally Friendly Paperboard Tray BLACK

1/0380 Enironmentally Friendly Paperboard Tray BLACK

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Environmentally Friendly & Recyclable Trays for the Oven & Microwave 

Tray Dimensions:

176mm x 108mm x 31mm

1000 Per Case

Paperboard Tray - Environmentally Friendly & Fully Recyclable, Bio-Degradable & Compostable.

    • Sustainable: To protect the environment, reducing carbon footprint by using environmental natural raw materials which are also 100% compostable, renewable and recyclable.
    • Food Safety Compliant:  A Packaging Solution that guarantees the absence of toxicity, complying with the requirements of quality and food safety of the food industry.
    • Food waste reduction:  A comprehensive Packaging Solutions that has a positive impact on the reduction of food waste, through conservation and adequate protection in the production chain, security and integrity in the supply chain and storage.
    • Process cost decreasing: Minimising waste collecting costs.

This tray is also available in White.   Minimum order applies, please contact us for more information.