Collection: Heat Sealing Machinery

The Compact 11 Sealing Machine is an ideal option for packaging both cold and warm meals in either CPET, Paperboard or PulpPro to-go containers.

If the food tray styles that you want to use require two different widths of film, this is the tray sealer to choose.

Each compartment of the meal container is sealed separately with the Compact 11 Sealing Machine tray sealing machine so you can be sure to avoid any redistribution of food during delivery. As an added bonus, the food trays are sealed to be leak-proof and work to keep your product fresh longer. Delivery and carrying home is made easy for you and your customers with this food packaging system.

Versatility in packaging at its best, you can change from one style or size of tray to another in 2 seconds.


  • Holds two rolls of film of different widths at a time. Each roll is available to pull and seal at any time.
  • Maximum tray size: 10.1" x 9.4" x 3.50" (256 x 238 x 89 mm)
  • Seals the tray in 2 seconds
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