Collection: Pulp Pro Trays for the Microwave & Oven

Bio-Degradable & Compostable, and has been named as the most Environmentally Friendly material currently used in the foodservice industry.

~ Microwavable, Ovenable & Freezer Proof ~

What is Bagasse?
Bagasse Containers is a by-product of making sugar, when sugarcane stalks are harvested, they are pressed to extract their juices.  This then gets processed into sugar, leaving behind a dry fibrous substance.  Using a high heat and pressure process this material is then molded into various containers and tableware.

What is Bagasse Suitable For?
Suitable for hot, wet and oily foods, it holds liquids very well and is naturally grease and cut resistant, It's also heat tolerant up to 95C and can even be put in the microwave or the freezer.

  • Sustainable: To protect the environment, reducing carbon footprint by using environmental natural raw materials which are also 100% compostable, renewable and recyclable.
  • Food Safety Compliant:  A Packaging Solution that guarantees the absence of toxicity, complying with the requirements of quality and food safety of the food industry.
  • Food waste reduction:  A comprehensive Packaging Solutions that has a positive impact on the reduction of food waste, through conservation and adequate protection in the production chain, security and integrity in the supply chain and storage.
  • Process cost decreasing: Minimising waste collecting costs.
  • Compatible: with existing ALX Trays Frames so can be sealed in Machines in the same way.

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